Girly side of me

Hi guys,
have you heard about FaceShop Kmost Look Competition?
I'm interested to the prize, the first winning prize to be exact, which is a ticket to Korea, so I'm planning to enter the competition.
I choose the girly theme, because i think it suits my face and eye type. I've tried a bold Korean make up of one of KPop girlband T-ara's member, Jiyeon once a few months ago and i failed big time. So, yeah, i guess KPop theme does not suit me.
I will submit one of these pictures to the contest. Which one do you think deserve to be submitted?
Is it Korean enough?? I'm so nervous.

I like the first photo, i think that's the most sweet and girly i'd ever been, lol.
I even tried on the ulzzang style lips and put on that cheesy big head piece on xD
Although the chance on winning is so small, it's okay. I enjoyed the process.
Come on girls, join the contest too. It'll be fun.

Photo were taken by myself (with the help of remote of course), glad that it turned out okay.
Anyway, i'm currently at Surabaya until Saturday noon.
Please do not hesitate to email me at if you need make up & hair do service *wink*



Hi thank you for visiting. It'll be nice to hear feedback from you :)