Saturday, 27 September 2014


I've been feeling stressed lately because there might be a chance i have to face another battle with cancer again. So soon, yes. Although i have to admit that i'm scared, really scared, but whatever happens i will not give up. I will be brave, i must be brave for my family. I hope it's just a false alarm though #fingercrossed.

Anyway, my daughter's piano teacher was getting married today and this is what i wore to her wedding party. I lost some weight that's why i felt confident enough to wear such a tight dress :p
Because of the busy prints, i let the rest of the look simple. The best thing about this dress is; usually this kind of dress tends to make me look like a sausage, but it makes me look slimmer and taller instead. I have to buy something like this more often!

Check out these stunning printed dresses! Although i prefer clean and simple outfit but it's fun to play with color and prints sometimes :)

Well that's it for now. Wishing you all a lovely weekend *kiss

Monday, 22 September 2014

Black & Blue

I was so uninspired today it took me half an hour to find a topic to write here lol.
So this is what i wore today. It's been a while since i wear this skirt, i forgot how cool this skirt is. Especially when paired with sexy shoes.
And how could i not love this pixie cut? I think short hair style suits me best.

Shop my look:
(Shopbop also have an iPhone app, download it here)

And as usual, i share my make up of the day :)
Recently yellow eyeshadow and eyeliner are huge in Japan. I can't help to give this trend a try.
What do you think?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Polka dot!

Aaaak! So sad that It's Ok It's Love has ended!!! I was so obsessed with this drama, i talked about it again and again for the last couple weeks and pushed my husband to watch the series although he refused, tsk.
I love that it's not just another romantic drama, it has an interesting plot, amazing casts (Jo In Sung gyaaa!), the strong chemistry between the main casts and also because the soundtracks are so beautiful!!! If you haven't watch this drama, you must!!!

While enjoying this drama, not only i was fangirl-ing hard over Jo In Sung (he looks thinner in this drama but still as charming as always!), Gong Hyo Jin has also caught my attention. I love her willowy posture, lovely smile and also her make up and outfits. Simple, effortless but also very chic and on trend, perfect for fall.

source: Soompi


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