Dream Comes True.

I could say that my 25th birthday this year was one of my happiest bday ever !
Thanks to my Evan and my friends; Ichi, Jimmy, Raisa and Jonas who gave me such a sweet surprise.

So this is my birthday story..
My hubby said he couldn't be in town for my birthday night, cause he had to go to his friend wedding party at Jember. So, i decided to spent the rest of night with my friends, like any other Saturday.
We went to Tunjungan Plaza, had dinner at Hachi Hachi Bistro, i ate a big plate of udon.
I got present from Senko & Tine, a silicon for my new cell phone, Nokia 5800 (yes, i don't use the famous Blackberry, i just not into it).
Still so rare and it's pink, so it was a sweet opening gift :)
After dinner, we took pictures, then went home cause my hubby asked me to be home before 11PM,
he said he wanted to call me and be the first person to greet me, since he couldn't meet me in person.

my biggy spicy udon

the pink silicon
I went home, i waited and waited for his call, but he just didn't call me, so i decided to turn on my latop and online.
At 11.55pm, finally he called me.
After a few chit chat, he said "go outside now!"
I was shocked, i ran and opened my door, and there he was, with his big smile and
his cell phone ready to record the moment.
AAAWWW, he was so sweet. He brought a cute tart, and when i was about to make a wish,
suddenly, Ichi, Jimmy, Raisa and Jonas came too,
they brought me little cute tart !
They said, they went to karaoke, but turned out, they went to bought me the cake.
I was so thrilled and happy.
So then, i made a wish and blew the candles of 2 cakes (i hope it'll doubled up the result of my wish then :p).
And, we ate the cakes, took pictures and after a happy chit chat, m friends went home,
but my hubby stayed.
Right after there's just us two, he said his mommy brought me another cake,
so he went to his car and picked up a big cake box.
He said "open it, i'll take your pic while you're opening it",
so opened it, and yes, another surprised from my hubby,
it was a Nikon D60 in the box !!! One of the most wanted things on my list !!
I was so happy til i laughed, screamed and jumped like an idiot, i hugged him tightly and kissed him passionately and said "thank you" about a million times.
God loves me so much that He gives me such a sweet and caring boyfriend like mine.

my loveliest =)

thanks guys !

-END- :p

my new baby
So lately, my new baby has make me busy,
i try to understand every pannel of it,
and try to take a good photo by it.
Thanks to my hubby for helping me make my dream comes true :)
And thanks for my friends, for such a sweet birthday gifts and surprise.
Love ya





  1. oh....gila beruntung banget dibelikan kamera baru...wes tinggal buka terop da...

    ditunggu undangan menikahnya ya....

    happy b'day

  2. What a truely perfect birthday.

  3. wow..made me sooo jealous!
    dapet kamera, pasti seneng banget km be!!!!!!! =D

  4. eh HP lo tuh pake karetnya blackberry maksa banget dipakein ke hp lo
    hahahha gak kesampean punya BB HUAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA KASIAN2

    tie dye nya temen lu jelek banget sih . ada tengkorak2nya gitu hueek alay

    eh tuh kamera jangan2 cuma foto ngambil dari googlw aja. bukan kamera lo kan ??? kalo itu bener kamera lo, tunjukin foto aslinya bego !
    tuh gua juga punya gambar kamera yg lebih bagus >:P

  5. Nah, keliatan bego nya, itu silicon khusus buat 5800 mbak :)
    Dan, suka2 aku donk, mau pajang gambar apa di blog aku. Aku ga perlu kan kasih2 liad kamera aku ke kamu ? Nanti kamu ikut2an beli :p
    Dan, sorry deh ya, aku ngga minat tuh punya BB, ngga suka deh pake barang sejuta umat, maaf aja ya :D

  6. hehehe
    bego.com deh situ
    mana bsa slikon ny si BB pke d 5800..
    standar bngt sih otak nya..
    perlu d upgrt..

    tie dye nya mo gambar badut kek,,tengkorak kek,,suka2 gitcuh loh..
    asal jgn tampang elu ajaa ..bagus deh :)

  7. for si XXX yg kebanyakan XXX : percuma loe pny gadget mahal2 tp bayarnya pake duit haram hasil lo di XXX in ama banyak org! mangkanya idup jgn cuma melacur doang.. seluruh badan fungsinya cuma utk XXX.. kasian banget seh loe ini.. pasti loe dr keluarga yg miskin dan dididik gak bener ya? atau bahkan gak ada yg didik loe? kasian bgt nasib low.. ckckck.. T_T

  8. I really want to know you,my dear x.
    So that I can give myself chances for spitting on your face.

  9. Iye nih orang, gila bener.
    Heran, hari gini masih aja sirik.
    Kamu ngga mampu beli kamera yah ??
    Mikir donk, jangan autis, ngapain aku membual di blog ku sendiri tentang di beliin kamera ..
    Kalo km bisa mikir kaya gitu, mungkin kamu juga sering ya membual2 seperti itu ?? Wah, wah, wah.

  10. BAWA2 keluarga lg ni si X sableng
    punya masalah apa sih lo sm Bebe?
    shut up your f*cking mouth yah!
    brenti ngompyang lo! ga usa bawa2 keluarga jg
    cebok aja belom bs urusin orang lain
    mana BEGO lg...hahahaha

  11. Udah, orang kek begitu di cuekin aja mendingan. Basi .. Berani nya ngomong doang, ga berani kasih nama. Kita santai aja lah, kan ngga menyakiti hati siapapun dengan gaya kita :D

  12. bebe happy birthday ya say
    asik niyy dapet kejutan dari pacar ^0^


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