Summer Makeup Inspired Tutorial

A major long overdue post. Finally remembered to finish this post that has been sitting on my draft for a whole year lol. Summer makeup for me is bright, light, fresh and fun therefore for this look I chose bright pink on the eyes and lips for a pop of color and keep anything else simple and light. For this tutorial I used some Korean makeups that had been sent to me by Beyond Cosmetics Indonesia and Little Dots Shop.

Let's start!

1. Prime your face.
Always start with a clean and moist face to create a nice base for your makeup! Not only it will help to smooth out your skin, it will also help your makeup to stay longer and you need that on summer. And since it's summer the whole year in Indonesia, don't forget to put on your sunscreen to keep your face protected from the sun. On my imperfect bare face, I already applied a skin care and primed my face with a luminous face primer to achieve a glowing skin.

2. Even out your skin.
Apply your favorite base to even out your skin tone and make a perfect canvas. Mostly on summer I wear tinted moisturizer or concealer only, it's hot enough already I need something light and I don't want to be bothered by greasy face or melting makeup. But when I need to wear a foundation, I usually mix my matte and dewy finished foundations to get a smooth polished look that still look natural. I personally think overly matte makeup is not flattering especially during summer (no offense to matte finish lovers). On this tutorial, I'm wearing a cushion compact in this tutorial, it's practical, easy to use, lightweight and has a nice cooling effect which is perfect for summer. I recommend Innisfree Long-Wear Cushion Compact because the staying power and the oil control are amazing! Once I wore it to the gym, I was sweating like crazy but this baby stayed in tact, it didn't move or melt at all, super cool!

3. Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know!
Concealer is a must on my makeup routine to conceal the discoloration, acne scars and redness on my skin. I don't normally wear it these much though, I want my makeup to be as light as it can. Apply the concealer on the areas that you think needed to be concealed and then with clean finger or brush or sponge pat it lightly, don't rub or drag it, it will shift.

4. Leave them to set and now move onto the eyes ;)
5. Draw your eyebrows
6. Apply eye primer
I'm using MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in color Soft Ochre to prime my oily eyelids.

7. Eye makeup time!
Apply a pink cream eyeshadow all over the lids as a base then on the center of your eyelids, lightly pat shimmery pink eyeshadow followed by golden eyeshadow on the center of the lids. And then to add more depth, apply a bronzed eyeshadow on your outer V. You may add a dark brown eyeshadow on the crease if you prefer or stop on the bronze if you like more natural look.
Apply a brown eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line, curl lashes, and lastly apply your favorite mascara and false lashes. I'm wearing Bittersweet lashes from Bunny Lashes.  Eyes done!

8. Highlight and contour :)
Apply your favorite highlighter on center of your nose bridge, tip of your nose, upper cheek bones and the cupid bow. I wanted to look extra glowing so I applied a liquid highlighter on the upper cheek bones and the tip of my nose and then topped it off with powder highlighter. It's summer after all, we can go ga-ga with highlighter ;) For more summery look you may apply bronzer on your cheek bones and temples, I skipped this step as I don't like to look tanned but I contoured my nose with a contouring powder, don't use bronzer to contour your face ladies, because my makeup is never complete without it. You may skip this if you're not into contouring or you can do a full contouring if you prefer so.

9. Flushy Cheeks
It's summer so let's play with colors. Instead of wearing a pink blush to match the eyes and lips, I applied a thin layer of coral orange blush on my cheeks. Pat it carefully on the apple of the cheeks and blend it out, keep it light because we will be using a bright colored lipstick.

10. Powder time!
Set your makeup with powder, especially if you have an oily skin, it will hold your makeup in place and make it less shiny. Don't put too much, cakey makeup is not attractive.

11. Put the lipstick on.
Apply a bright pink lipstick for a pop of color, choose a lipstick with glossy or shiny finish for a plump-healthy looking lips. On my lips is Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick #7 Purple Mist, a beautiful blue based purple pink lipstick that I like very much.

Here's the final look

Have a great summer!



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