Been through a though days since the Chinese New Year that made me lazy to online.
But now i'm back, with the fresh, the happy, the busy me :D

So, for the opening after my long hiatus are these pictures.
I wore this last week for karaoke night with Evan and friends.
I was in happily shock, cause finally i could wear this Guess jeans easily,
which means .... i lost some weights.
And that's what i called good news :p

white shirt : DIY project
stripes shirt : Velvet
ripped jeans : Guess by Marciano
gladiator heels : random boutique



  1. waduh senengnya bisa turun berat badannya...
    aku aja masih melar yo....huhuhuhuhuhuhuh malesnya
    km sudah aku add di google reader aku say...
    tapi di blogroll belum...males...mending di reader aja

  2. love your blog!
    && was wondering if you want to exchange links?...
    let me know ♥

  3. senang ya be bisa turun berat badan , congratz 60^


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