Another Twilight Night

December 16th.

I woke up at 9AM,
had brunch with my lovelies Mommy - Daddy in law, Jie Susan and Ko Budi at 11AM.
I went to Used for another thrifted shopping,i bought black sweater and black lace top. Got interested with them ever since my first visit, but still wasn't sure should i buy them or not. But then i decided to buy them, cause they haunted me almost every second :p
I got the black lace top for only IDR 7.500, amazingly CHEAP !!!
(Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of it, i putted it in washing machine by the time i got home.)

Then i went back to my lovely hometown, Surabaya.

It was heavy raining when i arrived,

I was so relieved to be back home eventhough my days at Malang was awesome.
But I really missed Surabaya, my home, my family and my friends.

First thing i did when i got home was ....
opened the package from B,
VIVI magazine December edition,
and this leopard pillow.
thanks, B.
After that, me and Evan chatted with my grandma bout my days at Malang..

And then we went to Galaxy Mall at 6PM.
We had dinner then met Andrew,
drowned myself at Periplus, and bought these :

i love lily allen's hair, she rocks !
annnddd .. I watched Twilight for the 2nd times !
I accompanied Evan and Andrew, cause they haven't watch it.
And still, i think the novel was wayy moree betterrr than the film.

Us, after the movie. I look very chubby :( i hate to diett.
This is what i wore;
(ohhh, i already took off my hair extension by myself)
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Red sweater : Used Black legging : Velvet Gold pumps : Cherry Boutique
I played with eye shadow today,
i putted sparkling green from VOV, then draw a line around my eyes with black eye liner from Kanebo,
and gave sparkle effect with glittery gold eye liner from VOV.
(do you realize, i got a thick eyebrow now ?? i hadn't trim it since like, maybe, 2 months ago.)

Well ..
it's so nice to be back home :)))))
i'll enjoy every moment in here,
since i hate move to Malang very soon.




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