Quantum Of Solace

I watched James Bond, Quantum Of Solace with friends yesterday.
Hmm, i didn't really like it. Too much fight and weird story plot. I couldn't even feel the climax of the story, sigh, then it's suddenly end. But the good thing was, Daniel Craig just as hot as always. I love him !

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Ah, we met Mila's lil nephew, Richelle too.
She has a pretty big eyes, and she's so cute :D

hey eyes look like Olsen Twins eyes, ya ??

And, i straightened my hair back yesterday.
I felt relieve, i didn't look like a brocolli anymore.
And most people i know said i look better with straight hair.
The only thing that confuses me now is .. should i wear hair extension or not ??
LONG OR SHORT HAIR ?? I am still waiting for the poll result.
nu short-straight hair

bye bye curly hair, sigh.

What i wore yesterday

Shirt : Evan's; Legging : Forgot; Black Flat Shoes : Alice In Wonderland; Leopard bag : aDLabelized; Studded Belt : Roxy




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