My Last Day @ Jakarta :((

I spent my last day accompanied Robert to his basket ball rehearsal at Kuningan,
then he brought me to his house to meet his sister Wilu,
I met his mom, grandma and grandpa too.
We ate Nasi Babi as our lunch, it's so yummy.
I tried to take Robert's pic at his rehearsal,
but my stupid problems from Surabaya made me busy with my phone,
and i could only take this blurry pic,
and the sad part is, while he was doing nothing :(

me and Wilu :) she's so cute, right ?
Then we went to pick up my luggage and Ichi,
said good bye to Juan (sigh, bye bye new friend T_T),
and then went to airport.
It was rainy, as if God knew that i was so sad and felt so hard to leave Jakarta.
These are our last picture together :'(

i miss you a lot

entah kenapa Ichi akhir2 ini hobby pasang tampang konyol hehehe
Me and Ichi,
diriku udah lemas dan berkaca-kaca, sedih banged.
Tapi pas foto selalu bisa lah pose gembira ;P

Bye Bye Jakarta ..




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