Jakarta Trip

Ini di pesawat, jam 6 pagih, while we're on the way to Jakarta
i look like Inem Pelayan Ga Seksi -.-"
and my bestfriend look as great as always.
We were really sleepy. I was only sleep for about 2 hours, and Ichi only 30minutes.
So no wonder i look like Inem Pelayan Ga Seksi, hiks.

My Jakarta trip was .. unbelievably awesome and unforgettable.
It wasn't exactly like what i expected,
but yet, it's still as great as i want it to be.
And being back in Surabaya really suck, so many sh*t happens here,
that's why they say, "reality bites", yes it bites me, hurts me and
leaves it marks in my heart.
I want to go back to Jakarta .. Ya Chi, ya ?? Sigh ..

First Day
EX Night
Ketemu ama Adel ma Fonny
Ketemu ama B
hehehe ..
Tadinya mo ke X2, tapih, ada yang ngomel2,
jadi baliklah diriku ke kos an, sendirian, sedihnya.
Ichi doank yang clubbing.




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