what i wore on August 8th.

I decided to back on track 2 days ago. I went back to work, i smiled and i dressed up. It was relieving when i finally could face the problem, accepted it and fight for it.

Now, for me, no matter what happen in return, i won't hide, i'll do my best for my family. 'Cause they're my everything. I don't care what people say or think about me, or if they slandered me, as if i'm the one to blame, i really don't care. God, my family and my closest ones know i'm not that kind of girl. I know my sister made a really big mistake this time, and that she sometimes can be so annoying to some people. But then again, nobody's perfect, and i believe she will change. She wants to change and fix this problem. Everybody deserves a second chance. Me and my family will give it to her in a first place, and we will support her. And it really is relieving! I will follow the flow, see what will happen, and together, me and my family will do our best.

So, this is me, 2 days ago, with a more fresh body and mind, and new cool flowery shirt ;)
I bought this shirt with Aiishi, she has the same shirt as mine too. It's cute, right ? I love the boho touch in it, creates fresh image in me.



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