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My daughter is a tomboy, comfy clothes and shoes are her uniform which sometimes worries me. Thank god recently she approves whenever I pick a cute dress for her, she even agreed on wearing a choker and even chose her own sunglasses! I don't know what changes her mind but I certainly enjoy it a lot, I love dressing her up :)

We went to the zoo last week, I don't know how many times we've been visiting this zoo, maybe gazillion times already. My little princess loves animal very much, she even said that she wants to be an animal expert like Coyote Peterson when she grows up. Some people expressed their concerns about this, especially because my daughter really interested on insects, but I'm not worry at all, not even a bit. I mean, not every girl has to like fluffy, ruffly, lacy pink princess-y stuffs, right? Every child is unique, I adore my daughter uniqueness and will make sure that me and my husband support her dreams all the way, whatever it is because that's what parents do :)

Anyway, sorry for rambling, my daughter wore a watermelon printed dress with matching hair pins, a leather choker, round glasses and her own shoe choice. I really like her summery outfit, I think she looked really cute yet fashionable at the same time #proudmamamoment hehe. Don't you agree?
I managed to get a lots of great shots of her, here are some of them..

Batu Malang

Summer Dress

Batu Malang

Summer Dress

Batu Malang


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And here's my outfit, a baby blue dress to match my daughter's color palette. I styled my plain dress with a Cath Kidston floral sling back bag and a Forever21 mules.



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