Vitacreme B12 Lightening Day Cream Review

Another terrifying skincare review lol! This is the second Vitacreme B12 product that I received from Sociolla, I already wrote review about the first product here.

Vitacreme B12 Lightening Day Cream is daily cream that contains a unique blend of active ingredients including vitamins B5, C, E & B12 that provides UVA/UVB SPF30+++ protection. The combination of the active ingredients claims to keep the skin well moisturized, prevents signs of premature aging & wrinkles caused by sun exposure, lightens pigmentation marks and prevents their development, even out skin complexion and gives the skin a new luminosity and leaves skin smooth & youthful looking. It's also 100% safe and mild, Paraben-free and suitable for all skin types and all ages.

this product came in a white and orange plastic tube. The cream is light pink that has creamier texture than the Vita Blanc Lightening Beauty Cream that I reviewed earlier. Despite the heavier texture, this cream blends and absorbs nicely, non greasy and very hydrating. It has the same funny medicine-y scent as Vita Blanc but much much lighter (thank goodness!)

My skin reacted badly on the first two weeks, but after I stopped using Vita Blanc and use this only product only, without any moisturizer underneath, I gradually like it. I love the soothing feel after I put this cream on my face, I also notice that my skin looks brighter and the redness around my nose eased. Although this cream is very moisturizing it doesn't feel greasy or heavy at all even when I wear it under the makeup. 
I'm so glad that at least one of the product works on me, suffice to say that I like this day cream quite a lot and will gladly suggest it to people around me.

I did it! Another skincare review lol. Let me know what do you think about it, I'm open to comment and suggestion ;) You can get Vitacreme B12 Lightening Day Cream on Sociolla. Don't forget to put on BEBE50 code  at check out to get a special discount for minimum of IDR 200.000 purchase.

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