2 Years in Remission Giveaway

Hai semua, untuk merayakan 2 tahun setelah selesainya pengobatan kanker ku dan untuk berbagi pengalaman tentang kanker, aku ingin berbagi kebahagiaan dengan memberikan 1 buah makeup palette dari NARS.

Syaratnya mudah kog;

1. Kunjungi post The Ugly Truth dan interview aku di Clozette INSIDER.
2. Kunjungi post Sunshine After The Rain.
3. Follow Instagram aku, @febrinaadiputra. Like dan comment di foto-foto yang bertema kan kanker are very much appreciated.
4. Lastly, tulis komentar kamu atas pengalaman aku dengan kanker, atau share pengalaman kamu tentang kanker di post Sunshine After The Rain, sebutkan Instagram ID kamu dan tulis DONE di akhir paragraf, jangan di post ini yaa..

Contoh dari foto aku yang bertemakan kanker:

#throwback to 2 years ago while I was still on chemoteraphy treatment. • Looking back, there were moments when I'd hide behind hat or wig because I was too afraid of what people would say about my condition. I was too afraid they would judge me, talk something bad or afraid of me. But mostly I was ashamed because I was hairless, I looked abnormal, I felt ugly while I really shouldn't. • When you're dealing with cancer, you're a fighter. You're fighting that means you're strong. You don't have to be ashamed of being strong. That power you have inside you makes you beautiful. Not only on the outside but especially on the inside. • Magically the moment I decided to be strong, not only everything felt easier, I also went through every process with happy and grateful heart -which were important because feeling stressed would only worsen everything up, but the most important thing is I started to learn to love and accept myself, all the good and the bad, especially the bad. I got my confidence back and I stood proudly with my bald head held high and ready to face whatever life throws at me because #iammorethan my cancer • Dear all the cancer fighters everywhere, keep fighting, don't give up and don't be ashamed to show the world that you're strong. Held your head up high because we're fighters, we're beautiful and we will win the battle! Keep the faith and just keep swimming. #goawaycancer #cancersurvivor #cancerawareness #positivevibes #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #ruok
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Aku akan memilih pemenang nya next week. And I'm planning on doing another giveaway around Christmas, be ready guys and stay healthy ;)




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