Flower Power

My life has been hectic and tiring lately as i have to go back and forth from Singapore to my hometown like every few days for surgeries and treatments for the infections on my right breast. Had 2 surgeries in 3 weeks, hardly recovering, still battling with the infection and the pain; and tomorrow i have to go back to Singapore for 2 days before heading to Philippines to spend Christmas with my in laws. Phew.

Although i feel tired and worried about my health, I'm also very excited to spend Christmas on Philippines again. The last time i went there was 2 years ago, was also on Christmas and it was unforgettable. Can't wait to eat Pichi Pichi and Polvoron and do Christmas shopping with my sister in law :) I hope everything is going well tomorrow so i can spend my holiday without have to worry about my health (again).

So, what's your Christmas plan guys?

Anyway, forgot to post this. Wore this to a movie date with hubby and this was taken before i dye my hair ash blonde.
I'm going to monochrome route at the moment, basically wear everything in black. But it's nice to wear prints and colors sometimes. And this floral jumpsuit is my favorite jumpsuit at the moment; perfect fit, gorgeous prints and also very chic :)

Well that's it for now, will update some more very soon. In the mean time, i'll leave you with this floral collage. Ciao!



  1. Get well very soon ci :'[
    You're a very tough woman!
    Wish u a speedy recovery! *hughug


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