I've been feeling stressed lately because there might be a chance i have to face another battle with cancer again. So soon, yes. Although i have to admit that i'm scared, really scared, but whatever happens i will not give up. I will be brave, i must be brave for my family. I hope it's just a false alarm though #fingercrossed.

Anyway, my daughter's piano teacher was getting married today and this is what i wore to her wedding party. I lost some weight that's why i felt confident enough to wear such a tight dress :p
Because of the busy prints, i let the rest of the look simple. The best thing about this dress is; usually this kind of dress tends to make me look like a sausage, but it makes me look slimmer and taller instead. I have to buy something like this more often!

Check out these stunning printed dresses! Although i prefer clean and simple outfit but it's fun to play with color and prints sometimes :)

Well that's it for now. Wishing you all a lovely weekend *kiss



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