Polka dot!

Aaaak! So sad that It's Ok It's Love has ended!!! I was so obsessed with this drama, i talked about it again and again for the last couple weeks and pushed my husband to watch the series although he refused, tsk.
I love that it's not just another romantic drama, it has an interesting plot, amazing casts (Jo In Sung gyaaa!), the strong chemistry between the main casts and also because the soundtracks are so beautiful!!! If you haven't watch this drama, you must!!!

While enjoying this drama, not only i was fangirl-ing hard over Jo In Sung (he looks thinner in this drama but still as charming as always!), Gong Hyo Jin has also caught my attention. I love her willowy posture, lovely smile and also her make up and outfits. Simple, effortless but also very chic and on trend, perfect for fall.

source: Soompi
source: Pinterest

souce: Pinterest (i reaaallly love this outfit!)

source: Pinterest

source: It's Okay It's Love Facebook

Wore various pretty lipstick shades on this drama, the one that caught my attention was this lovely peachy cheek and light berry lipstick look.

source: Pinterest

source: Facebook

source: Facebook

Her make up is simple and light, with radiant-satin finished, nude eye shadow, thin eyeliner & mascara, glowy apricot cheeks and matte lipstick. Here's my interpretation of her chic make up :)

In real life my lipstick is deeper and darker, very similar to Gong Hyo Jin's make up. I took this photo under direct sunlight so the color looked washed out.
To be honest i've never wore this kind of color, i'm more into bolder shades. But i must say that i kind of like how it looks on me, i wore this lipstick a lot ever since hehe, thanks to Hyo Jin ssi!

Anyway, i also want to share you my outfit when i took this photo.
I've always like jumpsuits. It's easy to style, simple but chic and it helps to give an elongate illusions to my petite posture. This polka dot jumpsuit is one of my most favorite one

I also want to share you my polka dot wish list here :p I love polka dot prints, so cute and chic.

Alice+Olivia cardigan
Kate Spade Bee polka dot wristlet
Rochas flare skirt
Kate Spade earrings & bracelet
Giuletta flare pants
Moschino Spongebob crop top

Do you like polka dot too?



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