Pomade Hair

Few days ago i finally got a chance to go to hair salon and cut my ugly hair to pomade hairstyle. Unlike most women, i like short hair. Not only it's practical, also it can give me several looks based on how i style it; feminine, edgy, messy etc.
Actually when finally my hair grew back after the chemo treatment, i wanted to grow it to, at least, shoulder length. But when your hair looks like Patrick Swayze's hair on Ghost, you know you have to get a new haircut asap, rite? LOL. No offense to Patrick Swayze fans.

I love it so much! The Hairdresser said it'd look even better on colored hair, hmm...

Photos by lovely sister in law, thank you!

So even though it's been a while since i posted an outfit post, I was lucky to be picked as one of the fashion bloggers to collaborate with Shopbop, and these are the first sponsored products that i got from them, Keepsake strapless white jumpsuit and House Of Harlow 1960 earrings.
I love to shop at Shopbop; their page is easy to browse and they carry lots of brands with large range of styles, color & prices also it's secure, the check out process is convenient and...... they give free international shipping service with express delivery :D

Well, that's it for now. Don't forget to visit Shopbop for a great online shopping experience ;)


PS: check out their back to school collection!



  1. Cc rmbutnya pendek bgt lho >.<
    Klo menurutku sih cc cantik rambutnya panjang, tp pendek jg cocok :)

  2. wooow you look stunning dear ...!!♡♡


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