YSL Rouge Pur Couture 52 Rosy Coral Review

cheon song yi lipstick
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Hello! Today i'm going to review one of my current favorit lipsticks at the moment, YSL Rouge Pur Couture 52 Rosy Coral. I was super excited when i got this baby about 2 months ago, because it wasn't easy to get this lipstick as it was sold out everywhere after a rumor spread that Gianna Jun aka Cheon song Yi worn this on the oh-so-famous KDrama My Love From The Star, which also the reason i was hunting this lipstick on the first place lolol.
I wasn't expecting much on getting this anytime soon, but then some friends said that this lipstick had been restocked on some YSL counters at Jakarta. Curious, i texted my YSL's Beauty Assistant friend at Surabaya, asking about Rosy Coral again. And i was very lucky, she got 2 in stock. Without second thought i bought it. Yay. 

Gianna Jun is seen wearing various lipsticks during the drama. Red, fuchsia, orange, coral, pink, hot pink, you name it. There is no official statement or actual evidence that Gianna wore this lipstick on the drama. The rumor was started by a Korean Netizen who claimed saw the make up artist applying this lipstick to Jun. However, on these scenes the lipstick she's wearing looks similar to Rosy Coral.

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source: here

Oh my... this lady is very gorgeous i can't even!!!
Okay back to topic, let's start the review :)

Rosy Coral is a bright pinky coral with hint of neon. The color is very lovely and instantly brighten up my skin tone. It's creamy, smooth and pigmented. It feels slightly drying on my lips, so i need a lip balm before applying this lipstick. Also i need to exfoliate my lips because this lipstick calls attention to the flakes, especially if you have dry lips. It lasts about 6 hours on me. Fading evenly, doesn't leave nasty mark around my lips.

Overall, i really like this lipstick. Not only because of the struggle to get it but because it's a very beautiful lipstick. These photo don't justify the beauty of it. It looks brighter and more neon in real life, totally gorgeous. Not to mention that the packaging is also very luxurious. YSL really makes the best lipsticks!
So, last but not least, this is me wearing this famous lipstick.

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