The Beautiful And Enchanting Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Cream Cheek Base 05

Meet this unbelievably beautiful cream blush from Les Merveilleuses Ladurée!
I'm a huge fan of bold color. Therefore i usually pick out the bright and fun shades of blush on and lipstick. That is why when i decided to buy Ladurée Cream Cheek Base, i picked out the boldest of the options. And that was the shade #05. 

The Cream Cheek Base, just like the rest of Ladurée make up, also has dreamy packaging. Although the thin plastic material was slightly disappointing, but i love the unique egg shape also the baroque details on it. This blush came in 5 different shades and mine is #05. 05 is a fuchsia pink blush with a matte finish. This blush has a dry, thick texture that glob a bit when applied on skin but easy to blend.
The pigmentation is ok, sheer but buildable, as expected from Japanese brand. It stays about 7-8 hours on me without touch up and has an elegant rosy scent.

Although this may not the best cream blush i've ever tried, but i still love it nonetheless. I mean, this probably the prettiest piece of make up that i own. The only down side is the price. This little blush costs about IDR 600 or so. Pretty hefty, but it's Ladurée after all.

here's how it looks on me. Pardon my skin, i have some break outs due to my period *le sigh*

That's it for now. Hope you find this review helpful.




  1. You are super pretty!! (^∇^)
    Great review!!



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