Shu Uemura's The Gangnam Duo review

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finally i'm having my blogging mood back again :D
Today i want to write about one of the hottest lipstick this year after YSL Rouge Pur Couture 52 Rosy Coral, the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Gangnam Duo lipsticks.
I didn't own any of Shu Uemura's product except their infamous eyelash curler before. These two are my firsts and after tried them on, they definitely won't be the last!

The first ever extreme matte yet comfortable lipstick with signature hybrid pigment. Lasting, pure, higher fidelity color intense and deep color pay-off. Leaves a comfortable moisturized feel on the lips. Available in 6 limited edition shades. – Shu Uemura US website

I was intrigued by the name to be honest! So catchy, right? Especially for Korean drama lover like me!
Originally the Gangnam names were given by people in Korea, but after it became a big hit and sold out worldwide, Shu Uemura decided to change the name. The actual name of the pink one is M PK 376 and the orange is M OR 570. Both became so famous after two Korean actresses, Kim Min Hee and So E Hyun spotted wearing and buying the lipsticks. I think the Korean nicknames suit them perfectly as my first thoughts when i saw the swatches was "these were the color that the antagonists girls on KDramas would wear!" LOL.

Gangnam Pink / M PK 376 (hot pink)

Gangnam Orange / M OR 570 (red orange)

These lipsticks have a soft creamy texture with velvety finish that sit very comfortable on lips, they didn't give me a dry feeling on lips like most of matte lipsticks do. I was surprised by how nice they feel on my lips, they even beat my trusty Burberry Lip Velvet's texture and formula. I've always thought that Burberry Lip Velvet is the most comfortable matte lipstick range on earth, but these two proof me wrong. I've tried to wear them without applying lip balm before, and they felt just as good as they do when i applied them after lip balm, no chapping! And i have the most annoying dry lips. Unbelievable!
It glides smoothly on my lips, very easy to apply.
The pigmentation is outstanding, one swipe is enough to pop out your lips! But i usually put 2 - 3 layers for bolder look. Because these two have a very intense color, they instantly brighten up your complexion. The intensity helped shorten up my make up time because i don't need to put much. I let them be the center of attention :D
The staying power is also great. They lasted 8-10 hours on me. You'll still need to fix a bit after heavy eat, but only a bit. And they stained beautifully too, i really love the Gangnam Pink stain on my lips.

My issue is only the packaging. I mean, for a high end brand the packaging is too simple. They come in a silver tube with a clear transparent cap made of plastic. Nothing special in my opinion. But other than that i think these lipstick is amazing!!!! I don't know why i'd never thought to try on Shu Uemura products before. Especially for a high end lipstick the price is affordable. Retails at IDR 270k per piece. Affordable and has a very good quality, what's not to love?! ^^ Last but not least, this is me wearing these gorgeous lipsticks!

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