The prettiest palette ever; Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE Make Up Palette 103 Review & Swatches

"Ladurée is a creator of magical moments where time stops for a moment to leave traces and unforgettable memories."

Have you heard about Ladurée before?
If you like macaroons you probably heard this name before.
Ladurée is a French luxury bakery and sweets maker house created is 1862. It is one of the top premier sellers of the double-decker macaroon.
Inspired by the color of macaroons, Ladurée teams up with Albion, Japanese cosmetic company -creators of makeup for lines such as Jill Stuart, Anna Sui and Paul and Joe- to create a luxury range of make up collection which combines high quality, elegance and beauty.

Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée was inspired by the Merveilleuses of 18th Century France, who were known for their extravagant, decadent behavior and fashion styles inspired by the ancient Greek and Romans. Ladurée developed a makeup line that combined beauty with quality. The line places a great emphasis on blushes with three different formulas, as during the age of the Merveilleuses, blushing the cheeks was the main means of playing up one's feminine allure. The look of Les Merveilleuses is one of the refined elegance, with the rouged cheeks balanced with lighter shades for the eyes and lips.

After lusting over Ladurée for about a year and hesitated again and again, i finally have my very own Ladurée cosmetic. To be honest, it was the packaging that makes me interested to have Ladurée cosmetics. I'm not usually into cute and sweet packaging but Ladurée stuffs are too pretty, i can't refuse it. 
I decided to buy the palette first, consider it as a warming up, an introduction, before i buy some serious stuffs like the infamous petal blush and the powder (they have the most gorgeous packaging, 10 times better than this!)
My pick is make up palette #103, which contains 3 eyeshadows; lilac, gold and dark brown and 2 blush ons; pink and coral. It was an easy choice because i don't like the other two, i think the blushes are too coral and orange-y and the eye shadows are too bold for my liking.
Les Merveilleuses Ladurée is a luxury cosmetic line so as expected the prices are hefty. Bought this palette at IDR 1.500.000++ my most expensive palette so far.

Ladurée make up palette comes in a thin blue polka dot card board box with big gold/white Ladurée logo. On the back side written the information of the ingredients and the directions for use in Japanese, English, French and Mandarin.
While the palette is made from thick card board also in blue polka dot with Victorian emblem and Ladurée's name on top and product description on the back.

Inside there are a mirror with Victorian style design, 2 blushes and 3 eyeshadows. The products each have a thin card board cover with shabby chic images on it, very beautiful! To complete the sweetness, each product has pretty emboss, so pretty that almost made me forbid myself to use the palette lol.

They have sweet & yummy scent like a macaroon!

The pink blush has vintage hat emboss and the coral has Victorian lady emboss on top.
They look so fresh and spring-y on pan but i was a bit skeptical with the blushes at first, i heard that typical Japanese blush on is very sheer. But surprisingly the pigmentation is quite good and also buildable.
The texture is soft, finely milled and easy to blend. They have matte finish and stays for about 6 hours on me before start fading.

The eyeshadows are also have decent quality. They're shimmery, the texture also soft and easy to blend. They have medium pigmentation, not bad in my opinion, because i thought they'd be sheerer than these. My favorite is the gold one, it makes my eyes pop and looks very luxurious.

 ♥ Here's the swatch on my hand. Pardon my stupidity, i only applied a layer for each product. They looked okay in real life but looked sheer on camera. I'm sorry, my bad :(
Anyway, the upper is on indoor lighting and the other one captured with ring flash.

And how they looked on me :)

Coral blush

Pink blush

I'm glad i decided to go for this palette, it has beautiful packaging and decent quality.
I can't wait to get myself more stuffs!



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