Chanel Spring 2014 Jardin de Camélias collection; Joues Contraste 87 Sakura & Rouge Allure 137 Fleurie Reviews and Swatches

I always excited when Spring comes, it means there will be lots of beautiful springy make up collections from my favorite brands, especially Chanel.
This year Chanel releases 2 spring collections, Notes de Printemps and Jardin de Camelias.
Jardin de Camelias is an Asia exclusive collection, now also available exclusively on
I already bought my picks on both collections and today i will write first two products from Jardin de Camelias collection; Joues Contraste 87 Sakura and Rouge Allure 137 Fleurie.
Let's start, shall we?

Chanel Joues Contraste 87 Sakura

Chanel Joues Contraste Sakura is a peachy pink blush, it has a subtle shimmer that gives your cheeks a beautiful glow. Seeing that it's an Asia exclusive, as expected it's a baked version. I used to hate baked version of Joues Contraste, but i started to like it more lately. I think the baked version blends easily than the non-baked version. Also, it gives you more beautiful glow on cheeks. However, i still hate baked version of Joues Contraste Rose Petale!
Some of my friends said that this blush smells like the real Sakura flower. I can't really tell, since i don't know how Sakura scent is, but i agreed that it smells different than the other Joues Contraste blushes that i have.

As you can see on the pictures above, Chanel Joues Contraste Sakura is peachy pink on pan but turns baby pink on my skin, still like it though.
Just like the other JCs, it's very easy to blend and has a very good staying power. It stays more than 6 hours on me without any touch up (i hate touch ups!).
My issue with this blush is the pigmentation. I don't know it's just me or what, but i think Sakura has the worst pigmentation among the other JCs. It's sheer and you definitely have to build it several times to make it look pretty on your cheeks. I had to apply 6 or 7 layers on the photo below, and about the same for the hand swatch. I've never had a pigmentation issue with JC before, such a shame :(

Overall, i don't hate this blush but i don't love it either, just a so-so for me. I also think it's dupe-able. But since it's a limited edition, i will keep it. If you prefer a sheer blush, willing to spend more time to apply your blush, are looking for a peachy pink blush and interested in limited edition product, i'd recommend it. If not, just skip it i think. Or at least, try it on the store first before you buy it.

Chanel Rouge Allure 137 Fleurie

There are two Rouge Allure in Jardin de Camelias collection, Charmeuse and Fleurie, both are limited edition. I chose to buy only Fleurie because i'm not fond of nude lipstick. Fleurie is a bright pink lipstick with a hint of sparkles in it. It's creamy, pigmented glides smoothly on my lips. It doesn't accentuates my dry patches, in fact it helps my lips to look healthy and juicy. It has satin finish, doesn't dry my lips and the staying power is good.

Fleurie is my first Rouge Allure lipstick and i regret why didn't buy any of it before. I just love it! I love the texture, the formula, the pigmentation, everything!!! I've been wearing this lipstick so much lately, i love it that much and very recommend it :)

Well, that's it for now. Will write more review about Chanel spring collection soon!




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