Ageha Super Big Brown Lens Review

Today i want to write about my current favorite softlens, Ageha Super Big in brown.
I've been wearing this softlens religiously these past few weeks. I like it very very much, i will tell you why soon, so keep reading alright ;))

Ageha Super Big range has two color options, brown and grey.
The diameter is 15mm, water content 45%, the life span is 6 months.
It has a thin black ring on the outer that graduates naturally to the iris.

I like this softlens so much, as an Onee Gyaru make up lover, i need a softlens with big diameter to achieve the look, and Ageha Super Brown is the perfect choice. It really gives my eyes the dolly eye effect.
Although it's bright brown, it doesn't look fake or alien-ish, it suits my skin tone well.
And also this softlens is verrrrrryyyy comfortable. I wore this softlens more than 12 hours last month and my eyes were totally ok, didn't feel dry or itchy, it's amazing! I know it's not healthy lol, especially when i also forgot not to use any eye drop, but i was so busy all day with doctor appointments and all the shopping, i didn't have time to come home. Anyway, back to topic, that was how amazingly comfy this softlens is!!!
However, i noticed that when my eyes were tired, i couldn't wear this softlens too long. 8-10 hour max, but that's still considerably awesome, right?

So this is how it looks on me. As you can see it has a great enlargement effect, makes my eyes look rounder, gives me the dolly eye look and the color is not over the top, just nice.
I really recommend Ageha Super Big to you who love dolly/kawaii look and are looking for a softlens with good enlargement effect. You'll find yourself loving this softlens as much as me ;)

Ah, before i forgot, even Burberry Beauty Sales Assistant on Tangs Singapore said that she likes my softlens, and she asked where did i buy it and so on. So you see, i'm not bluffing here lol.

Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡

Sorry for annoying watermarks, last month i found out some online shops are using my photos without permission :<

That's it for now. Until next post ladies !



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