Japan Softlens AGEHA Pop Grey Review

Hello pretties!

Today i'm back with a softlens review.
What i'm going to review is Japan Softlens' newest product, POP.
Inside the bright fuschia packaging I get two circle lens and one lens case.

POP comes in two color, grey and blue. I'm glad i received the grey one as i'm not very fond of blue softlens hehehe :p

As i mentioned earlier, mine is grey. It's neutral grey tone, not too icy. Icy grey sometimes can look so fake, but this one not. The pattern is simple and natural, with tiny dots on the center and a black ring on the outer.
The diameter is only 14mm, but don't judge quickly. Yes it maybe not give you a wow enlarging effect, but it still has a nice enlargement in my opinion. And it also somehow make my eyes look rounder, give me a cute innocent look.
And just like the other AGEHA softlens, POP also feels nice on eyes. I don't feel dryness or itchy feeling on my eyes even when i had to wear it more than 8 hours. Superb!

I love POP! The pattern and color are natural, great for everyday use and also great for someone like me who doesn't like softlens that are over the top. And it also has amazingly comfy on eyes. Not to mention it's also affordable. So many greatness in one product ;)

Anyway, last but not least, here's how POP looks on me

Go get yours now at Japan Softlens. You'll get many benefits and a goodie goodie for purchasing AGEHA ;)

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SMS: 081807909033
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Instagram: @japansoftlens

That's it for now, see you on next post!




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