Chanel Joues Contraste Pink Explosion Review

As a Chanel sucker, i make a promise to myself to collect all the shades i love from the Joues Contraste blush range. I really love Joues Contraste blush, I love the texture, the scent, the luxurious packaging and the lovely shades, i just love it! Too bad that my love costs me lots of money as Joues Contraste has so many shades to pick xD
I already have about 10 Joues Contraste blushes but the list is still long. I still want to add Tumulte, Malice, In Love, Espiegle and Frivole to my collection. If possible i want to have them all in the non-baked formula or the US version. I prefer the non-baked formula because it has better pigmentation.

And today i'm going to write about my new favorite Joues Contraste blush, Pink Explosion. Pink Explosion is a medium-toned cool pink with fine shimmer that gives me an instant glow and healthy flush. It's not as pigmented as the other Joues Contraste blush but it's buildable. It has a white shimmer that quite scared me up when i saw it for the first time (because i hate shimmer, they tends to sit on my pores). But not this one. In fact it gives me a healthy glow so i don't need to wear a highlighter anymore when i wear this blush.

As much as i love coral or peachy pink blush, pink blush never fails to help me look younger and awake. And Pink Explosion is no exception for that. And in my opinion, this is the kind of pink that goes with anything; heavy eye makeup, natural makeup, bold lips, gradient lips, nude lips, anything!

Overall, i really love this blush. Well, as a huge Chanel beauty lover, i know saying "i really love this blush" is kinda bias. But, seriously, Pink Explosion is a great blush. It is pigmented, easily blend, gives you a pretty glowing skin, the color is sweet and just like any other Joues Contraste blush, the packaging is very luxurious and the rose scent is heavenly.
Would i repurchase? Hell yeahhh! But only God knows when, since only a little amount of this blush goes along the way :D
Would i recommend it? Yesss! In my opinion, every girl should have at least one of Chanel Joues Contraste blush, and should have one pretty pink blush that goes with everything. And this definitely is that kind of blush :D

Lastly, this is how it looks on me

(on indoor lighting)



  1. Hello! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    and i'm a chaneladdict too!
    please help me! I want to buy the "chanel travel make up palette"
    do you know about it? these palette have "pink explosion" inside?
    or I should to buy both palettes? tel me your opinion c: <3


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