Alisa Ueno Red Lips Make Up Tutorial

It's been quite some time since i did a make up tutorial, and yesterday my daughter slept early. So i thought i should make one.

I've been adoring Alisa Ueno recently. If you don't know Alisa Ueno, she's a Japan it girl, a DJ, a model and a producer of a  famous street wear fashion brand called FIG&VIPER. She's been on most of famous Japanese magazines such as VIVI, SCawaii, Jelly etc, and also known for her sexy grunge style. She changes hair style and hair color A LOT, her recent hair is light purple, like a unicorn hair which looks supa amazing on her!!!

I love browsing through her Instagram (@alisaueno) and going "ahh", "woww", "how pretty!" and such, like an idiot lol. I really love her style, it'd be something i'd wear if only i had a flat tummy like she has xD

As for the make up, her make up is simple, just an ordinary Gyaru make up; winged eye liner and spider lashes. But she often wears a bold lipstick. And i really love it when she wears a dark red lipstick, she looks extra stunning! And today's tutorial is how to get Alisa Ueno's dark lips look :D

Alisa's make up is simple and easy to re create. But these are things to be noted:

  • Use a matte foundation and skip any highlighter, her make up is all about matte
  • Don't forget to contour your nose and face to get her perfect oval shape face and her sharp nose
  • Gyaru make up is all about spider lashes. If you don't have a long eye lashes use a false lashes on upper and lower lashes
  • Thick eye brows is her trade mark. Don't forget tp fill your eye brow and re shape it.
  • Use a scotch to get her big eyelids (i forgot, ugh! -__-)
  • Don't overdo your blush on, apply it lightly only on the cheekbones, so it will not empowering the red lipstick.
Anyway, since i've lost most of the hair on my body including my eyebrows and eye lashes, my eye make up isn't really similar. I tried to apply lots of mascara on my lower lashes but they're too thin now, sigh. Well anyway, if you have the same problem like mine, use a false lashes :D i didn't use false lashes on my lower lashes because i ran out of them, forgot to buy. My bad, i'm sorry that this tutorial isn't perfect. Will do better next time.

Before we start, please note that I'm still on my chemo treatment therefore my face looks gray-ish and swollen with very thin eyebrow and no eyelashes. It's not your eyes that tricked you and it's not because a wrong foundation shade hehe.

And here's the result.

Product used:
Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
The Skin Food BB Cream
Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre
Maybelline Concealer Stick
Maybelline Color Tattoo -Tough As Taupe
Chanel Sculpting Veil Notorious
Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
Tom Ford Eye Brow Sculptor
Tom Ford Cheek Color -Flush
Revlon Lip Liner -Rouge
Maybelline Color Sensation -Plum Paradise

That's all,
i hope you like this simple tutorial and please let me know what do you think about this post :D




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