YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Shade 16 Pourpre Preview Review

Hello pretties, today i'm going to write a review about my first YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres in shade 16 Pourpre Preview.
I've been eyeing this product for quite some time, i've read so many good reviews about it and very curious with the uniqueness of it, a mix of a gloss, a lipstick and a stain.

This shade, Pourpre Preview was my first and only choice because i was currently looking for a purple lipstick, and i loveeeee it. It suits and brightens up my skin tone and i think the color is very beautiful and wearable. I like to wear it when i'm in the mood to pull of a Korean Ulzzang gradation lips.

It has a great pigmentation, you can build the intensity by layering it and also a little of this product goes along the way. It has a nice light-weight texture, not drying up my annoyingly dry lips, doesn't sit on my lip lines and it's not sticky which makes me love it even more (i hate it when my hair stick on my lips when i wear lip gloss, although i can't complain now since i'm practically bald lol).
What's also amazing are the staying power, i could eat like a godzilla without have to worry about my lipstick at all, it stays put on my lips. And i love how in the end of the day this beautiful lipstick transfers into a beautiful stain on the lips.

The only down side for me is the scent. It's too strong for my liking, it makes me a bit dizzy whenever i wear it.

I'm so impressed and i can't wait to add another shades to my make up stash!



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