Snow White

Hello, hello! I'm so excited writing this post. Been waiting to post it since i did the make up xD
So this is my 1st collaboration with some of my beauty blogger friends.
The idea was came up while me and Stella chatting few weeks ago. She said that it'd be fun to make a collaboration with special theme, and for the first time we picked Disney Princess theme.
So, here it is, me as Princess Snow White. I must say that my part is quite easy, as my hair is short and black. So i don't have to do a lot, except curled my hair, which i think turned out quite awesome considering i'm a very bad hair stylist lol.

Here's the make up step by step:
  1. Prep your skin. Apply foundation primer after your basic skin care, so the make up will last longer.
  2. Apply your favorite foundation. Since Snow White's skin is flawless and porcelain-doll-like, i suggest you to choose a medium - full coverage foundation to achieve it.
  3. This is optional, apply a liquid highlighter on your upper cheek bones, nose, cupid bow and chin to brighten up your face and give a natural glow.
  4. Apply an eye primer all over the eye lids, and then apply your eye shadow.
  5. Apply your favorite setting powder lightly with a fluffy face brush.
  6. Apply a powder highlighter on upper cheek bones, nose, cupid bow and chin.
  7. Apply a powder bronzer or contouring powder to contour your face to give it more dimension.
  8. Apply a red blush on lightly on your cheeks, don't overdo it.
  9. This is optional, apply a setting powder to set your make up.
  10. Draw a line on your lips with red lip liner, fill it. And then apply a matte red lipstick.
Finished! Quite simple, right?
What do you think about my make up here?
And what do you suggest for the next collaboration?

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See you on next post peeps!



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