My Summer 2013 Favorite Lipsticks

Hello ladies!
I'm sorry i've been neglecting this blog for too long due to personal issue.
So today, before summer really ends i want to share my favorite lipsticks this summer.
Without any further delay, here they are :D

From left - right : 
TOPSHOP lipstick charmed, Milani Color Statement Lipstick Sweet Nectar, Tom Ford Lip Color Naked Coral, MAC Lipstick Sweet & Sour

Swatch on my hand (i'm sorry for the typo, it should be Naked Coral but i typed forbidden pink instead, tsk.)

Here's my review and thoughts about these lipsticks:


I bought this lipstick a couple months ago out of curiosity. Saw the swatches and some reviews on internet and fell in love to Sweet Nectar. I've never have any Milani product before, so i had no expectation when i bought it. And after i tried it i must say that i love it. I love the texture, the pigmentation and the longevity. Not to mention that it is also affordable. My only complains are the packaging and the scent. I know it's a drugstore make up, but i wish they use a better plastic material and better design so it doesn't look cheap. Revlon and Maybelline are drugstore products too, but they have way way better packaging, some of it also cute and look nice on beauty desk. And as for the scent, it is too strong it makes me dizzy. Don't get me wrong,  I love nice scent on beauty products. Chanel and Guerlain have a nice peculiar scents that i love the most. But this Milani's scent, you have to smell it yourself to understand what i wrote here.

Sweet Nectar is a dark orange-y lipstick that has satin finish. The color payoff is amazing. It glides smoothly on lips and doesn't dry my lips, which is why i love it so much. I forgot the exact price, but i believe it's around IDR 75k



Actually, this lipstick is my very first Tom Ford product. I'd been eyeing Tom Ford beauty line for quite some time but hesitated because of the hefty price. But as a "Limited Edition lover", i know i should have the Tom Ford Asia exclusive lipsticks. There are three exclusive shades; Bare Peach, Forbidden Pink and Naked Coral. I own two of them: Forbidden Pink and Naked Coral (will review Forbidden Pink soon).

Despite the hefty price, Tom Ford lipstick is really really really an amazing lipstick!!!!!!! I just love all about it; the luxurious packaging, the nice color pay off, the formula, the TF emboss on top of the lipstick, EVERYTHING! xD

Naked Coral is a bright pinky color with semi matte finish with a bit of sheen. This lipstick has creamy texture, very pigmented, glides on my lips heavenly and most importantly, it doesn't dry my lips. It feels very nice on lips. Ah, and the staying power is amazing too! On me, it lasts for 5-6 hours if i don't do heavy eat.
The packaging is very luxurious, sturdy but elegant. And i found the TF emboss on the top of the lipstick is very very cool lol, i just watching it.

It costs SGD 70, around IDR 600k, quite expensive for a lipstick, right? But it's Tom Ford we're talking about, of course it'd be expensive. But, really, what you pay is what you get.


Charmed is also the first Topshop lipstick i own. I bought it last month during my trip to Singapore. I went to Topshop boutique at Orchard Road to buy shoes, and ended up taking this lipstick and one cream blushes too (which i will review later).

Topshop lipstick is around IDR 180k, not as cheap as i thought. BUT, it is totally beyond my expectations. It has a cool packaging, awesome pigmentation, nice creamy texture, good staying power and again, most importantly doesn't dry my lips at all!

Charmed is gorgeous apricot coral semi matte lipstick. It has creamy texture that glides nicely on lips. The color pay off is just ah-mazing, it gives you nice full coverage even on single stroke. I love the creamy texture and the fact that it really doesn't dry my lips at all. It stays for five hours on me without heavy eat. And leaves a nice stain on lips after that.


MAC lipstick Sweet & Sour is part of MAC All About Orange collection that launched on Spring 2013. I bought it on Singapore last June, costs me around IDR 250k (MAC price on Singapore is higher -_-).

What i love from this lipstick is the milky coral shade. I feel cute and feminine whenever i apply this lipstick :)
As for the formula, most of us know and experiencing that cremesheen formula is dehydrate our lips. So to prevent that, i always apply lip balm before i apply foundation to give my lips time to absorb it and then apply another stroke before i apply blush on. So by the time i have to apply Sweet & Sour my lips are hydrated enough and ready for it.

It has a good color pay off, nice glossy finish and lasts for 5 hours on me. I really love Sweet & Sour.

And that is all..
Thanks for reading and i will announce my giveaway winner on the next few days. Be ready! :)
Happy holiday and Happy Eid Mubarak, mohon maaf lahir dan bathin.




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