Hello again


just got back from my Singapore trip last night.
it was an emotional, an interesting and an unforgetable trip ever.
there were lots of ups and downs. shocking moments, hysteria moments (lol), happy moments, sad moments all wrapped up in whole week.
it was an unforgetable trip and also a life changing one.

i don't mean to sounds too religious, but i just can't thank Jesus enough for His guidance through all those ups and downs.
i also feel blessed to have a husband like mine. i can't thank him enough for his unconditional love to me that leads me to tears everytime i think of it. and also for my loving family. i think i wouldn't survive it without my husband, eve and my family.

anyway, despite the tears and fear, i also enjoyed my little oasis on orchard road. my favorite ofcourse Tangs, because it has Burberry and Tom Ford counter there :p

here i wanna share you my Singapore haul. not all mine ofcourse, most of them are my friends'.

i will make some reviews about them soon when i got my energy back *cross finger*

k, that's it for now.
thanks for reading and happy holiday if you're on a vacation.




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