Contouring Tutorial

Sometimes i really hate my flat face, and my big nose tip. I did wish (once or twice) i was born Caucasian with that glorious nose bridge, sharp nose, bambi eyes and amazing bone structures.
That's when make up saved the day, highlighting my best features and also covering the bad.
The solution for my problem is simple; CONTOURING.

Contouring is a very popular way of applying makeup. However, most people don't contour when applying makeup, mainly because they're not sure of how to. Contouring can make your face look thinner while bringing out your best qualities. It will also help you to hide the parts of your face that you don't want to draw attention to. Master contouring to show off your best features. (From

I contour my face to get a sharper nose, smaller nose tip and thinner face. Contouring is also the safer, cheaper and faster way to get the KPop stars V-shaped face that most of us love so much.You don't need to do plastic surgery to achieve it. Don't believe me? Let's proof it :D

This is my face before any contouring, very flat.

Here goes my contouring step-by-step
  1. Apply the contouring product on the area below your cheeks. Start from the hairline near your ear to the hollow of your cheekbones. Don't go too far or it will look unrealistic. Blend it out and take it all the way up to the temples.
  2. Move to the nose, starting from where your eyebrow begins down to the bottom for a slimmer, sharper nose effect. Blend it out.
  3. For V-shaped face, apply the contouring product from the hair line below the cheekbones to the side of the jaws. You can also bring it down further to hide the double chin. Don't forget to blend it out. Blend, blend, blend.
  4. This is optional, but i love to contour the area under my bottom lip to make it looks fuller.

And here's the result

Here's the comparison, before and after contouring

For contouring i use 2 contouring brushes. The big one for cheeks and jaws and small one for nose.
For the contouring product, i own Chanel Notorious (used on this tutorial) and TheBalm Bahama Mama.

Beside contouring, highlighting is also essential. Combined together they give me the dimension that my flat face needs. I will make a tutorial of it soon *fingercrossed*

Well, that's it for now, hope you like it.

Til next post, ladies!




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