Chanel Joues Contraste 79 Rouge Review

Another new blush from my favorite brand, Chanel!
This one is Chanel Joues Contraste 79 Rouge.
I bought it from Strawberrynet around April 20th when i was on Bali.
I was supposedly still on make up shopping banned that day, i blame my friend Elle (lol), who told me that Chanel JC Rouge was on sale. it was cost "ONLY" $44, what a catch, right? And i just by that, the banned rules forgotten completely! So i blame you, you you, Elle hahaha, just kidding :p
And so! I browsed Strawberrynet immadiately, and bought it right away without any second thought of how will i survive for the rest of the month, i just didn't care muahaha. (Btw, Pullman Hotel Kuta's signal sucks big time!!!!!!!)

It was a sweet surprise when i saw the package from Strawberrynet on my mommy in law's desk 2 days ago. It came sooner than i expected, yay. Thanks Strawberrynet, you packed it nicely too.
I didn't open it until midnite because i was still stuck with my Sonny Angels packages.

When i finally opened it, i was quite stunned, Chanel Joues Contraste Rouge is the first red blush i've own so far, i didn't expect it to be so red. it's the kind of blush that reminds you of Snow White's red apple cheeks. It's a deep red shade with a golden shimmer. The color in the pan is so vibrant and it is really a red blush. I love a bright and bold blushes, but yet it scared me a bit. I thought, "how on earth am i gonna put this on my cheeks?"
But wait, just because it's so red and looks scary on the pan, doesn't mean it's not wearable. With the right approach, it will transform into a beautiful red blush on your cheeks ;)

The packaging is simple and elegant. A sleek black compact with a mirror and small brush and comes with a black velvet pouch.
And as always, the blush has a nice rosy scent that i love very much.


As i mentioned before, this blush has a golden shimmer, you can see the tiny shimmer on the pan on the photo above. Shimmery blush tends to scares me because i have a large pores. But i don't find any issue with this blush. The simmer is very subtle, it doesn't emphasizing my pores and doesn't move around my face making me look like a shiny disco ball.
In fact the shimmer makes this blush even prettier. It makes my cheeks glowing beautifully.

For a baked version, i thought Rouge would be sheer and i'd need to work it out a little bit for the color to show, just like my JC Rose Petale. While Rouge is not anything like that, it goes beyond my expectations. Firstly, it's highly pigmented, only one swipe is more than enough for your cheeks. So a light hand is totally needed, otherwise you will overdo it, and end up look like a clown. Secondly, it lasts forever. It stays for more than 8 hours on me, without a touch up, amazing. None of these ever happened with Rose Petale.

(In case you're wondering what's the different between the baked and the non-baked version of Chanel Joues Contraste, there are 2 versions of Chanel make up, the European version and US version. From what I've experienced with them, the baked one (EU version) tends to be sheer and less pigmented than the non-baked version (US version). The baked version is also lighter, only holds 4gr of product, while the non-baked holds 6gr. BUT, not all the baked version is bad. From what i've read, the limited edition products of the baked version, like Fleur De Lotus and Rouge have a good pigmentation, unlike the regular baked version.)

With such bold color, you need to buff, buff and buff like there's no tomorrow to avoid looking over the top. I applied it with my Tarte blush brush yesterday, and still not happy with the result.
I will try it with a flat top brush or a fluffy blush brush next time to find the perfect way to apply this blush nicely.

Here's the ingredients. It's not paraben free. So if you have a sensitive skin, this blush is might not for you.

And here's the comparison between Rouge and theBalm Instain #Pinstripe.
My friend Elle, asked me whether they're similar or not. She haven't try on her Rouge because she has bought many blushes in the same time and Rouge is still on queue. What a happy reason LOL.
Anyway, the answer is no. Pinstripe is plummish. But they both have the same beautiful glowing effect once applied on skin. I love Pinstripe so much too. (Will do a full review of theBalm Instain blushes soon)

Overall, i think Chanel Joues Contraste Rouge is a very beautiful red blush that will look great in various skin tones. The color is unique and surprisingly wearable. It has a crazy pigmentation and staying power. And it will also lasts forever, since you need only a little amount every time you use it.
It may not everyone's cup of tea, but if you want to try a different look and is looking for a deep pigmented blush, this blush is worth a try.
And with a right application and a right blush, it will look very pretty on your cheeks.

And here's how it looks on me. Got carried away, sorry for heavy images.

Product used: (i know i didn't do it for quite some time, too lazy :p)

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Chanel Le Blanc Sheer Illuminating Base
Chanel Perfection Lumiere
Chanel Poudre Universelle
Chanel Poudre Signee
Chanel Joues Contraste
Maybelline Color Tattoo
Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Eye Liner
Eye tapes
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
Tarte Lip gloss

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