Jane Volturi Inspired Make Up & Geo Color

(made an extra effort to edit this photo muahaha. i look extra silly compared to this beautiful lady, sigh.)

Hello, hello after another MIA, i'm back with a FOTD post inspired by the vicious Jane Volturi from The Twilight Saga movie.
If you're a fan of The Twilight Saga films and books, you must have know her already, right?

Her make up is quite simple actually, flawless face with black smokey eyes and red lipstick.
I took extra time to prep my face well before applying foundation and set the foundation with loose powder and finishing powder to get vampire's porcelain skin. And also contouring my nose and cheek bones to give my face more definition. The difference between my version with the original version is; i wear peach blush on while Jane is totally pale. My face looked very scary without the blush on, especially after i wear the red contact lens. Even my hubby said i looked like a witch and super scary. He said i shouldn't let anybody see my photos, they'll give people bad dreams. Bah. LOL

So anyway, here's the result of my Jane Volturi make up. I hope you will not have a bad dreams after you see the photos. I'm waiting for your comment :p

The red contact lens are Geo Magic Color, in Deep Red.
I got them as a sponsored gift from Geo Lens.
To be honest, when i saw how bright this pair on the ad, i thought, "ah just a photoshop trick, it won't be that bright". But turned out they're soooo bright, even brighter when you see them in person. So bright it's scares me and my hubby lol.
That's why it took me long long long long time to make this review, it wasn't easy to find a perfect make up theme to support the review. I thought about the new born Bella Cullen make up but dismissed the idea as i found it too mainstream. Then Jane Volturi came to mind :D

Diameter: 14.2mm
Curve Base: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38-42%
Life Span: 1 year

Nada. If you're a dolly eyes or bambi eyes fan, this pair is not for you.
It doesn't have any enlargement effect at all.

I had a rough time with these lenses on the first try. Unlike the other Geo lens i have, they felt very uncomfortable on the first try. But the unpleasant feeling disappeared when i tried them the next day. I  wore them for more than 6 hours on the 2nd day and didn't feel any dryness or discomfort.

A head-turning vibrant red with a black pattern. The color is so vivid, it will costs you a rising eye brows or a weird stares from others.

Hmm.. most probably not. But i will consider another color, the natural ones, like grey or brown. Because they're comfortable and i love the pattern.

It's not a bad product even if i'm not fond of it. On the good  side, it means the ad photo doesn't lie. It IS a RED lens, what you see is what you get. But the bad side is; this pair is not for everyday occasions, unless you don't mind the attention it brings. But it is a great choice for a custom party, cosplaying, themed photo shoot or something like that :)

Well, ok that's it for now.
Will be back soon with a lipstick review ;)

See ya!




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