Archie's Girls Lipstick

Hiya ladies, i'm back with another lipstick review. It took me several days to complete this post, because i'd lost my blogging mood again. So many tasks to do and i'm on a strict diet, i feel exhausted most of the time.
Ok, enough about me. Let's talk about something nice, the limited edition MAC lipstick, Betty Bright and Ronnie Red.

When i saw Temptalia's review about MAC Archie's Girls Collections early this year, besides of the cute packaging, i have to be honest that it didn't catch my attention at all. I was on Chanel hype that time.
Weeks passed, i was blogwalking to kill the time when i read some reviews about Archie's Girls Collections. And bada bing, suddenly i wanted the lipsticks, Betty Bright and Ronnie Red. Especially the Betty Bright, so fresh and perfect for spring/summer make up.
Too bad, i was unlucky, because when i wanted the lipsticks, they're already sold out on the web. And MAC Indonesia doesn't have this collection yet (hmmpphh). I was nearly gave up after 2 weeks of searching and found nothing. But finallyyyyyyyyyyy, i got them! Bought them with a reaaaallly unreasonable price, but i didn't care, i wanted them too bad to think about the price.

Unlike the regular MAC lipstick, they come in a white tube with a cute little hearts printed and also Betty's and Veronica's face on the tube. And i reeeaaallllyyy love it. The packaging is too adorable, i might put it forever on my dressing table to add some cuteness there.

Ronnie Red is bright pinky red matte lipstick with blue undertones. I'm a huge fan of matte lipstick and currently into red lips, so i knew i had to have it. And this lipstick fulfilled my expectations. The color looks even prettier on real life. The pigmentation is verrrrryyyy good! It's not drying on me when i used it without lip balm, which is a rare case to my dry lips.
It's a very long wearing lipstick and leaves a stain on your lips. You can eat like a zombie and find that your lipstick still stays beautifully on your lips. I didn't experience shifting, budging and feathering for hours!
Overall, i love it! No wonder Temptalia gave this lipstick an A!

I was put an extra effort to find this lipstick because i think Betty Bright has the prettiest color among the other Archie's Girls lipsticks and as i said before, a perfect color for spring/summer. Betty Bright is described as a "light vibrant peach" while for me it's more coral than peach. It's satin finish, very opaque and has a creamy finish. I've found that it's very similar to MAC Viva Glam Nicki, only Betty is more coral and Nicki is bright pink. I love how it looks on my lips, dabbed or fully swiped, very beautiful and bright. It stays for about 4 or 5 hours on me, and unlike Ronnie Red, it doesn't stain and i need to re apply after having meal. The downside are it's a bit drying on my lips (sigh) and you may need to re-check after applying as the color can look uneven if swiped more than one layer. Overall, i must say that i'm not that impressed with Betty Bright. The color is pretty though, and it's a limited edition, but doesn't worth the price i paid for it (i bought it for IDR 350k, while regular MAC lipsticks are IDR200k). I expected more.

And some FOTD with my new lipsticks

Til next post ladies !




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