Poudre Signee De Chanel Review

Hello ladies,
if you're a highlighter lover, you have to read this post!

As you probably know, i'm a huge fan of Chanel beauty products.
When i saw Chanel Spring 2013 ” Printemps Precieux de Chanel ” Collection, this illuminating powder/highlighter was the first one that caught my eyes
It was love at first sight! I mean, look at this, it's probably the most beautiful highlighter ever made so far!
Look at those pretty embosses. It has big Chanel emblem on the center of it and other small symbols like Coco Chanel's camellia blossom, fragrance bottles, lipsticks and lipgloss all over it. It's very very very beautiful, unique and very detailed. The embosses are beautiful my heart cracks whenever i use it, afraid they might disappear anytime soon lol.

The product came with velvet pouch and a tiny sponge.

Well, to be honest, although it was a love at first sight, i didn't buy it right away because it's quite expensive.
It's $68. I mean i could buy a couple beauty products with $68!
But, i've learned my lesson. After what happened to me when i postponed to buy Notorious, i decided to buy it after i saw a beauty shop had it on the ready stock items.
It's a limited edition and it's pretty. Not to mention that it's a whole lot bigger than the regular Chanel blush, Joues Contraste. And how a little of it goes a long the way. It's totally worth to buy.

The comparison between Poudre Signee and regular Chanel blush on, Joues Contraste

Swatch on my hand

My swatches above don't do any justice of how beautiful this product is in real life.
Check out Temptalia's swatch for a better look of it.

When you look at the pan, it looks like a golden highlighter.
But when applied, it's nothing like that.
It has a touch of pink, beige and silver too, not only gold. It's a combination of all of them.
It's not like any other highlighter/illuminator, it's very unique.

The texture is very soft and smooth.
Unlike any of my highlighter powder, it's not very shimmery nor frosty.
It's subtle and gives me beautiful yet natural warm glow.
It blends perfectly and very pigmented, as i said before, a little goes a long the way.
The staying power is good, it sits on my oily skin for about 4 - 5 hours.
And what i love the most is it's not emphasizing my big pores.

This product is totally amazing :) I'm happy i decided to buy it :D

Are you a sucker for a highlighter/illuminator too like me?
What's your favorite highlighter/illuminator product?




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