Barry M Lip Paint Review, Swatch and FOTD

Hi ladies,
did you ever heard about Barry M product before?

(taken from Barry M official website)
Barry M is known as the most colourful name in cosmetics and the UK's number 1 fashion cosmetic company. With over 400 different colours and a wide range of products Barry M has become a household name in the field of fashion cosmetics. We offer the customer a low to mid-price brand of quality, affordable and extremely fashionable cosmetics.

Barry M Cosmetics was created in London, Great Britain in 1982 by Barry Mero. In the early 80's Barry had a number of retail outlets around London selling beauty and cosmetic products. The fashion was for dramatic, outrageous make-up. However he found that no one was producing the exciting and vivid colours that his customers required. So in June 1982 he decided to put together the Barry M Cosmetic range.
The Barry M name soon became a cult name in the field of colour cosmetics and in those days if you were a new romantic, punk or gothic the chances are you would have been using Barry M to make your statement!

About a month ago i was searching for MAC Lavender Whip dupe, which led me to Barry M name.
Me then visited Barry M website and fell in love!
Barry M have an interesting collections in wide range of colors (even black lipstick!) !!
I immediately placed my order for Barry M Lip Paint #129 (lavender) and #147 (peachy pink).
The original price is GBP 4.49 (around USD 7). But after shipping fee from UK to Indonesia and tax, the price for one lipstick is around IDR 110k. Well, more expensive, but still affordable.

The packaging is simple. Black and square shaped. Smaller than any other lipsticks that i have but it has the same amount as i got from any other brand. 
Both color are interesting and fulfilled my expectations.  


They're pigmented and long lasting, it lasts for 4hours on me.
The finishing is matte, which is my favorite :D
If you have dry lips, you may need to use lip balm because this lipstick is quite drying.

Overall thoughts:
I really love this lipstick. It's pigmented, long lasting and affordable.
The only downside is that it's a bit drying but nothing a lipbalm can't help.
I really recommend this lipstick to you, especially because it has an interesting color collections!

Last but not least, my FOTD wearing these pretty lippens!

I mixed the Peachy Pink with Revlon Orange Flip to get this pretty coral lips

That's it for now ladies,
see you on the next post.




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