Sweet Pink

Pink, who doesn't love pink? Well maybe me. I'm not a big fan of pink actually.
But pink is definitely one of my pick for my everyday make up.
It's sweet, pretty, great for all skin tones and safe for any occasion.
However, pink eye shadow is definitely not the easiest color to work with since it tends to make your eye look swollen.
So the trick is to pair it with a deeper shade on eye socket and crease. And don't forget to line your lash line to avoid looking like you have a rabbit eyes when you're wearing pink.

So here's a simple tutorial of how i do my pink eyeshadow for everyday look.
It's quick and easy!

  1. After applying eye primer, swipe your favorite pink eye shadow all over your eye lid. Go up to the hollow of your socket line, but don't go too far up.
  2. Apply a dark brown eye shadow on your skin. Don't forget to blend it up.
  3. Add a white eye shadow around your tear duct.
  4. Apply your favorite eye liner, and then apply a mascara. Finish!
And here's the finish look.
I didn't wear any foundation, just a moisturizer and a transculent finishing powder.

Very simple but really effective when i only got a little time to prepare myself :D
Do you like pink eye shadow too?

Tomorrow is my birthday (again, bah!)
Well i decided that instead being grumpy about me getting old, how about daydreaming and make a wish list of what birthday present i wish i had tomorrow. I wish i could have them all tomorrow *greedy* a girl can dream, right?

 (image from Jayded Dreaming)

Okay i'm totally obsessed with this thing! I was super late when i decided i wanted it. Why i say super late, because it's a limited edition and it's not sold online. And now i can't find it anywhere. So, for my birthday, i'm hoping for a miracle. Maybe someone bought it and hate it, so she wants to sell it. If you do, pls don't hesitate to find me! I don't want to buy it on Ebay because the price is crazy. As much as i want it, i won't buy it if the price is too expensive. Oh miracle, pls come to me~
Check out how pretty this zombie blush on Messy Wands. I die~

I've been wanting these stunner for a while. Still saving up for them, but i'd be really happy if hubby maybe read this blog and buy it for me right away. My size is 6 hon!


A stunner, enough said.

 (image source : Micheleista)

Well these two will be a gift i give to myself. I will place my order tomorrow when i'm officialy 29 :p
The Tom Ford one is yet another limited edition one, i hope i can still have it before it sell out.
And the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is the foundation that a lot of beauty bloggers raved about. I purchased the mini size one before decided to buy the full size. I tried it yesterday, and i can only say that it's beyond amazing. Like really really really amazing. Now i understand why they say it's their HG foundation. Will make a review about it soon!

I'm glowing!

These 5 are on top of my wish list. I hope i hope i hope i can have them before i turn 30. Ha! #fingerscrossed!

Okay, that's it for now,  until next post ladies!



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