MAC Candy Yum Yum Review, Swatch & FOTD

Hi ladies!
Finally i got the chance to update my blog. My computer is still broken, so i'm using hubby's laptop now.
Today i wanna write my review about my new found love lipstick, MAC Candy Yum Yum.
When i first saw this lipstick on some blogs, i didn't really interested as i couldn't picture myself wearing such a bold hue lipstick.
But then, i saw some bloggers and youtube beauty gurus wearing it, and it looked awesome on them.
Not only on fair skin, but even on dark skin also.
My curiosity grew and grew with more good reviews i read. And then i decided to bought it, right after i read on Temptalia that it became a permanent. Thank god MAC made it permanent, i mean, if not, i might spend maybe $100 just for this little tiny lipstick.

MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick is described as “bright pink” with a matte finish. It’s a neon, blue-based pink with a matte finish.
This lipstick may not be everyone's cup of tea (including me), but it definitely worth to try.
I was hesitated when i saw the color on tube, it's so damn bright!
I thought, "how can i go out with such a bright color on my lips without people staring weirdly at me?"
But then after i tried it on my lips, the thought gone instantly. I mean, it's bright (obviously), what you see on the tube is what you get, but in a good way.
It's bright but it's also pretty. I love how it brighten my skin beautifully, and also lighten my mood by just looking at it.
Although it's matte finish, but it's not drying my lips. But if you have a dry lips, you might need to exfoliate your lips and wear a lipbalm before using this lipstick. Because this is a matte lipstick after all, it'll accentuate any dryness.
It's creamy, not as creamy as YSL Rouge Volupte, but creamy enough to slide smoothly on your lips.
It's opaque, so pigmented and stains your lips. The staying power is awesome, i used it 5 hours before it began to fade. But it's still look fresh enough because of the staining.
Overall, i'm very satisfied with this lipstick. I may not use it on daily basis when i'm in Malang. Maybe only on a formal party or on a dinner date with my husband.
But i certainly will use it a lot when i'm in Surabaya or when i'm travelling where shocking pink lips doesn't draw too much attention.
Oh, before i forgot, i bought this lipstick on TWL Cosmetic on Facebook for IDR 200k exclude shipping fee.

Last but not least, my FOTD with the neon lippen

So, what do you think about MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick?
Do you wanna try it too??
Share me your thoughts in the comment box ;)




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