Favorite Foundations

Hiya all!
Today i wanna share you about my favorite foundations, and it'll be a long post, so beware hahaha.
I'm a sucker when it comes to foundation, lipstick and blush on. I have quite a lot of them, because seriously, i can't stop buying them.
I don't buy an eye make up product as much as them because i doubt my own eye make up skill haha. I only have a few essential products of it.

My daughter broke the Vitalumiere's cap :(

Because i have a super oily skin, i was into matte finish for as long as i remembered.
I've tried and bought many matte foundations before i got stuck to Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation.
It was my first ever Chanel product. Because of the price, i'd given it a serious thought before i bought it. I bought the sample of it and Estee Lauder Double Wear first, and tried them on before i was pretty sure that Mat Lumiere was the best option for me.
I bought it for probably IDR 600k, from strawberry.net. I was using the lightest one, shade Claie 20. And it matched my skin perfectly.
Why i loved it so much? Because it gave me the flawless natural finish, evened out my skin but not cakey at all. In fact, after a while my skin looked a bit dewy, which i thought probably because my naturally oily skin. But later i read that some beauty bloggers also had the same dewy skin experience. Maybe it's from the "lumiere" formula, and i noticed it's written "soft matte" on the box, so it's not "matte" matte, but still looked natural.
The oil control is so good, with face primer i could use it up to 8hours and i didn't have to blot AT ALL. It stayed beautifully, didn't melt and i looked just as fresh as i was on the morning.
The coverage is medium to full and buildable. It has an SPF, but didn't caused any whitecast. And it has a nice rose scent to it, not too much, just nice.
It was my HG foundation, the first foundation that i'd used until the bottle's empty. Never happened before.

The love-for-matte era ended on the end of 2011, when my obsession for Ulzzang look gotten bigger than ever. I started my searching for foundation and BB Cream that'd give me a pretty & healthy dewy finish look. And the searching was over when i watched my favorite Youtube beauty guru, Pixiwoo was using Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. After i saw how her skin glowing after she's using the foundation, i bought it right away.
I bought it by pre order on one of my favorite online shop on Female Daily's Market Plaza. Bought it for maybe around IDR 625k.
Bought the lightest shade of it, which is Clair 20.
I thought, it'd matched my skin perfectly like Mat Lumiere did. But it didn't.
Somehow the Vitalumiere's (VL) Clair is a lot darker than Mat Lumiere (ML). Unfortunately, i don't have the comparison for the shades because i didn't buy another bottle of ML when i ran out of it, i purchased VL instead. Which i regret, a lot because ML is discontinued, le sigh. If only i'd knew, i'd buy a spare bottle or two :(
Ok, back to VL. VL is light weight foundation with dewy finish. It blends perfectly and not cakey at all. It really gives you a beautiful glow you wish you have.The coverage is sheer/medium, but buildable. And just like the Mat, the staying power is amazing, has SPF but photo-friendly, and it also has nice rose scent too.
Actually, VL is not recommended for women with oily skin. Because, obviously it'll look too glowy on women with oily skin. I knew it but still purchased it anyway. The trick is always using a foundation primer first, an oil-free one would be better. And if i thought i would spend lots of time on outdoor, i'd top it up with a powder. On a hot, humid weather, you might need to blot a lot because it'll make you feel greasy. That's why i rarely use it outdoor, except on my sissy wedding day and some special occassion.
In my opinion, it's a perfect foundation for women with normal and dry skin who's looking for healthy dewy finish foundation. For example, when i used it to my sister on her wedding day. She has a dry skin. Her skin glowed prettily even on humid weather, in fact it only made it better, more dewy! Which made me wish i had her skin. Tsk.

My love and curiousity to Chanel foundations led me to bought Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (VLA), which also instantly became my favorite.
It's a water based foundation that feels airy on skin. The finishing is satin-matte, a bit luminous with light medium coverage. It has SPF but just like ML & VL, it's photo friendly, easy to blend. And, has a nice scent also.
It's my favorite foundation along the rest of Chanel foundations that i have. Because it's light weight, i don't feel i wear any foundation at all. I love how it even out my skin, it's like my skin but better. It's really a nice foundation, a perfect foundation for everyday.
You need to shake it well before you pour the product out or you'll get some kind of greasy water.
Bought it for about IDR 550k. The shade is different from my ML & VL, it's BO20 which more yellow than the other two. I bought this shade because the seller told me that it matches my skin tone, and she's right, it looks nice on me.

My newest foundation from Chanel is Perfection Lumiere, which many said is quite alike with Mat Lumiere, which obviously why i bought it.
I received it 2 days ago, and still figuring out whether i love it or not. But i really hope it'll make the list. The finishing is more matte than Mat Lumiere IMO. And it's the kind of foundation that makes me feel like i'm using too much foundation after i applied it. But it blends nicely after a while. It feels quite drying, especially if i use a foundation primer, which never happened before to me!
The coverage is amazing though, it covers and even out my skin amazingly. Which i really need now since my skin is not in its best condition. It's also doesn't transfer easily onto clothes, which is great. And what's best is a little goes along the way.
My biggest issue is the scent, it has a weird strong scent which make me a little bit dizzy when i first tried it. It's not a soft nice scent like the other Chanel foundation that i have.
Well so far, i think i like it. But i think it's not better than Mat Lumiere IMO. But i don't know, like i said, i'm still figuring out.
Bought it from TWL Cosmetics for IDR 635k. Bought the lightest shade this time, which is BR10, because my skin tone now is NC15 - 20. I'm getting paler i don't know why. But anyway, it matches my skin tone perfectly. Just hoping i won't get darker anytime soon.

And my last favorite foundation is Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in #115. It's medium to full coverage, blends nicely on my skin, semi-matte finish, oil-free, long lasting, buildable, and the list can still going on and on hehehe. Mostly i use this foundation to a formal party and photo session where there will be lots of lighting and flashes. And it never fails me. Ever.

So, how about you? What's your favorite foundation?