Rocker Mom

So here's what i wore yesterday.
Sporting all black outfit, i wore a crop top with a leather skirt.
Hubby wasn't very happy with my outfit choice as the shirt was too short and too tight for his liking.
Well, every once in a while i think it's legal to wear super tight outfit :p
Please excuse the boobage show hehehe.

ASOS top; Knighttcat (my ol shop) leather skirt & studded drawstring bag; Louboutin Just Picks pumps; Just wanderlust bracelet; random spiked bracelet

And here's the FOTD.
I also did a mini tutorial of my gold + bronze + green eye make up.
I'm not an expert, please excuse my poor make up skill.

  1. Apply eye primer on all over your eyes
  2. Apply gold eye shadow
  3. Apply darker eye shadow on crease and outer V(on photo: i mixed bronze and green) and green on lower lash line
  4. Apply black eye liner on upper and lower lash line. Draw a longer line on upper lash line to create an illusion of bigger eyes
  5. Curl eye lashes and apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes.
  6. Apply your favorite false lashes and fill your eye brows.
And here are the result photos

I forgot to add a darker green on outer V -__-
It should give my eyes more depth.
Will be better next time :D



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