My KMost Look Competition

Hiya, i'm back!
Today i wanna write about the KMost Look Competition that i mentioned before.
I got a surprise news that i got chosen as one of the KMost finalist on November 19th and that they needed me to attend the technical meeting on November 23rd on Gandaria City, Jakarta, and that the final date was November 24th, on Gandaria City also.
I was really confused should i come or not. November 23rd was my sister's wedding party on Surabaya. But if i don't go, it would be like wasting an opportunity.
So i called The Faceshop and discussed whether could i skip the technical meeting or not.
They said no, i couldn't skip it.
I'm not a Jakarta citizen and the news came very sudden. I really hoped a miracle to happen, especially when i had a good reason not to attend the technical meeting.
I got really confused for days, until my fellow blogger, Sheilla, told me that she couldn't come on November 23rd too, and that she got the permission from them.
I immadiately called them and got my permission too, phew. God answered my prayer :*

So, i took morning flight on November 24th with my husband. And came just in time before the rehearsal.
I finally met Shella from Polish Wonderland and  Sheilla from Sheillablog, and they're like the sweetest girls ever! Thanks guys for accompanied me :)
And as for the other finalists, they were sweet too. I thought they'd be, like, individualist, because, well it was a competition after all. But no, they're all sweet and kind.

There were 2 categories, personal make up and professional make up.
As i mentioned before, i chose personal make up.
They gave us 30 minutes to do our make up on stage, in front of the judges and the crowd.
I was very very nervous before the show. My hand were shaking and cold. But when i got up stage and started to do my make up, i completely forgot about my anxiousness. I just focused to finish my make up during the time.

I really wanted the first price (who doesn't want to go to Korea?? LOL) but i didn't think that i could win as i think i made a huge mistake; my make up looked more like Gyaru than an Ulzzang -___-
I really dissapointed with myself. The blush on and lipstick were too bright for Korean style, and i didn't make a bold cat eyes. Sigh.
But it's ok though. It was my first time being in any make up competition. I thought to be chosen as a finalist was the biggest step i had ever make so far, it was a great experience.
But then....
The MCs called my name as the third winner. I didn't realized they called my name until Shella held my hand and said, "Ci, you won!". I was in complete shock, but happy also.
Never thought I'd win anything with that failure Korean make up xD Thank you, Jesus.

The 2nd winner is Fransiska (if i'm correct) and the first winner is Rini Cesilia, she's a beauty blogger too.
Congratulations for the winners!
Thank you Jesus for guiding me all the way, thank you husband and my family for the big support.
And thank you The Faceshop for such an interesting experience.

Here are some other photos of me and other girls. Too bad i didn't get a chance to take a photo with Sheilla. Next time, k?


And here are some close up photo of my make up.
All by The Faceshop



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