Gothic Fairy

You probably wondering, 'what the hell?' when you see my pictures below.
No, this is not a Halloween make up. It's my make up creation for Indonesian Beauty Blogger contest.
My husband already laughed when he saw these photos hahaha. I have a feeling you all would probably too, lol.
I know, i know my fanstasy make up skill is bad, but i wanted to challenge myself.
I've never done any fantasy make up before, and the theme of the contest, which Enchanting Fairy is interesting. So i thought, why not.

I wanted to make a pretty fairy theme such as Tinkerbell or Winter Fairy or Flower Fairy in the beginning.
But, i thought that would be too "mainstream", and the other contestants would probably choose to be pretty fairies. My poor skill would be crushed by them in nano second.
So, i decided to go out of the box and choose something different.
Given the thought that everybody has a dark side. What if i make a bad, an evil fairy?

I chose to wear plum, purple, fuchsia and maroon for the main color because even though it's a dark, gothic fairy version, i still wanted it to look "pretty" too. It's a fairy after all, right? And also, those colors are in this fall/winter. I wanted to be an evil but trendy dark fairy muahaha.
No bling-y, no pretty lashes to avoid this look from being too crowded. Because i'd already wore a tiara and a maroon roses.
I planned to take an outdoor photo, on my daddy in law's garden to be exact. But it was raining hard today :(

Anyway, here are the result photos. Please, please don't laugh when you see them hahaha. Excuse my poor skill.
Although i don't think it's a good one, but still I hope the juries will pick me as one of the winner hihi *fingers crossed*
Maybe there's a miracle for me. Yes? :p

Wish me luck guys. And if you're a member of Indonesian Beauty Blogger, come join the contest too :D




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