Chanel Travel Make Up Palette Altitude

Hello again.
Today i wanna show you my newest make up palette.
It's from Chanel, a Chanel Travel Make Up Palette Altitude.
The price on various website is around USD 90, I bought it for IDR 950000

I bought it from Sweetpie, as usual. Not because i need a travel make up palette whatsoever, but simply an impulsive buying hahaha. I'm crazy about Chanel make up, so i bought it right away when i saw it on Sweetpie :p

Here are some photos of the packaging

It came with a black velvet pouch. The good side is it looks expensive, but the bad side is; it gets easily dirty.
As you can see on my picture, it looks dirty, right? So i kept it in the box all the time to prevent it from getting dirtier, and only let it out twice. First was when i received it, and the second time was when i took these pictures.
But anyway, i really love the packaging. As always, Chanel product looks very elegant.
The palette is quite big, but not too big considering what's inside and it has a very good amount of product for the price.
The inside :

Inside you'll find a mini mascara, a face powder, a blush on, a concealer, 5 eye shadows, 2 lipglosses, 2 lipsticks and 4 brushes.
I haven't tried them on except for the mascara. As for the mascara, i must say i'm quite disappointed. Because it doesn't hold my lashes at all :( 
I'm a person who doesn't like to buy expensive mascara because it's such a waste of money for me to spend IDR200.000 ++ for a high end mascara while i can have a pretty lashes from Maybelline for IDR90000 only. Not to mention the life span for a mascara is only 6 months!
And this mascara proofs me that i'm right.
But let's have an open mind. I won't judge it too hard when i only wore it once.
Maybe i'll give it another try soon.

Here are the swatches of the product:

I still don't have anything to say about the rest of the product as i haven't use them.
But from what i experienced when i did the swatch, i think the eye shadows are quite pigmented.
The colors are pretty too. The white, pink and blue have a pretty shimmer, while the taupe and dark brown are matte.
I read that they will look more vibrant if we apply it on a wet brush. I will try it soon and update this post.
I love the blush on. It's a pretty baby pink with a shimmer in it. I think it will look great if i mix it with Chanel Vitalumiere foundation, a mega glowing skin hohoho.
What do you think about this palette? Will you buy it or not?



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