Late Night Post

Finally i got my blogging mood again.
It's been 3 weeks since my last post, a really busy, tiring yet exciting 3 weeks!
I will write my BIGBANG Alive World Tour Concert experience soon.
But today, please bear with my regular outfit post.

Chloe Room sabrina top; ASOS skater skirt; ZARA stilettos

I'm listening to Jay Zhou's, uhmm, 3rd album i guess, Eight Dimensions while i'm writing this.
It's been a while since i listen to Jay's songs. Lately i had this urge to listen to his song again, dunno why.
I remember, how i love Jay and his songs very much back then. I even thought he's the most handsome hunk on earth, lol. Silly teenager.
My first love was a fan of his music also. And one of his favorite song was Zuei Hou De Yan Zhi.
I find it amazing how i can still remember that little detail of him. First love never dies, huh?
Anyway, i'll leave you with some of Jay's videos, these are some of my favorite Jay songs. Enjoy, and see ya on next post.



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