Red Cherry

Hi there!
This will be my last post before i go to Jakarta.
I have a wedding party to attend to on October 9th and BIGBANG Alive Tour on October 13th.
To be honest, i'm so nervous about the concert.
Not only because i've never been to any music concert before (yes, i'm lame like that xD),
but also because i will be leaving Eve probably more than 12 hours.
The show actually starts on 8PM, but because i bought the standing B ticket, my friend suggested us to be at the venue since morning so that we could get the front spot. Well, who knows TOP would notice me and ask my phone number? EH? Hahaha, kidding.
The problem is i have never leave Eve more than 3 hours before. I wonder how she and my husband will survive without me and my breastmilk.
I already found a breastmilk delivery service, but i wonder, can i get out from the building during the queue?
Argh i'm very very very nervous.

Anyway, enough about my problem.
This is my FOTD few days ago.
I always love how red lips help my skin look brighter in an instant.

Okay, i think that's it for now.
I'll continue the



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