Take a bow

Hello hello,
i'm back with another outfit post.
It's been too long since the last time i wore this vintage denim jacket,
so i brought it with me to Surabaya.
Paired it with my crop tee and a floral silk pants.
I also wore my new ASOS sandals, which i love very very very much.
They're so comfy, casual but still trendy.
I wore them a lot last week until they're dirty xD

No, that gorgeous Celine Boston bag is not mine.
It's my friend's bag, Miss Photographer :D
She lent me this bag because it's match my bow hair pin hehe.
She's also taken these photos too. Another outdoor photo, hallelujah.
I must say, i really had a great time last week on Surabaya. Looking forward for my next visit this Friday.

Anyway, is there any of you who read 50 Shades Of Grey?
I bought this book out of curiosity, wondered what's so good about this book?
After i read the first book, i must say, it's a crap -___-
So badly written, no interesting plot and cheesy sex scenes too.
What drives me to read the second book is because i'm really curious about Mr. Grey's past.
Also, i read some reviews, that the second book is wayyyy better than the first book.
And  after i read the first two chapters of the second book, 50 Shades Of Grey Darker, i must say it's indeed much better, the story is getting interesting. Mr. Grey's pasts are unrevealed one by one. Although the sex is as cheesy as the first book -__-
I heard that Ryan Gosling has chosen to play the role as Mr. Grey. God. If it's true, then i HAVE TO watch this film no matter what. I wouldn't miss a chance to see the naked Ryan Gosling. Would you? LOL.
My friend said that i'm such a pervert. Well, hey, who could resist Ryan Gosling persona??
What do you think about this book? Share me your thoughts.

UPDATE: I already finished the 2nd book, and i loved it. I'm totally blown away by Mr. Grey.
I wanted to write why i love the 2nd book but then it means i would reveal some of the stories. And that's not fair for you who read it. So now i can only write,"I FAWKING LOVE YOU MR. GREY!!" LOL.
Can't wait to read the third book, i'm hoping for more better plot and a happy ending.

Photo: Clover Photography

If you're wondering, i was using MAC Gaga 2 lipstick *wink*


PS: i want to inform that my email address, pwincessbebe@yahoo.com is currently unactive.
It got hacked last month, i got it back but it can't received any email since then. Still working on it.
Please kindly email me at pwincessbebe@gmail.com for now. Thank you.



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