Neon Forest

Well, i must admit i was beyond excited when my friend said that she wanted to took photo of me. Yayyy, an outdoor photo!
It was a bit awkward on the beginning, because, you know, it's been ages since someone took my photo on a public place like a cafe or a street. I was too shy, my body's freezed and i gave my friend a super weird smile and pose lol. But thank God for a professional photographer friend, she encouraged me and made a simple conversation that made me relax and forgot my shyness.
And... zazanggggg!
Now I can't stop looking at my own photos, even now, lol. They're awesome, aren't they? I'm sorry i'm too happy at the moment :p
If you have someone who's willing to take your outfit photo, i must say that you're one lucky person and i envy you so much hehehe.



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