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My first circle lens review!
So as a dolly look lover, i have lots of circle lenses. And i bought most of them from Geo Lens.
When it comes to online shopping, i tend to stick with only one or two shops that i know. Because, you know, not all of online shopping is trustworthy and i happened to be tricked once or twice back then. So i choose to be loyal to the online shops i know. And Geo Lens is one of them. I love that the service is great, the owner is very friendly, they have lots of circle lens collections to choose, and the price is good too! Also, i never have to worry whether they sell the fake product or not. They sell a 100% original ones!

Anyway, 2 weeks ago they sent me the new circle lens from EOS to be reviewed.
The owner, Gita, asked me what color that i want. And i chose blue, cause i don't have any blue lens at that time.
She also sent me the other color options to show you guys.

Specification :
Diameter 14.80mm
B.C. 8.60
Water content 45%
Duration : 6 - 12 month
Brand : EOS Origin : Korea

the gray and brown

I forgot to take a photo of my bare eyes, so i took it with my Iphone camera cause i was too lazy to find my digicam. I was shocked cause my eyes look scary, not to mention my skin look super oily too. But still, so lazy to find the digicam again so please don't mind the scary looking eyes and skin :p
This is how they look on my eyes
(indoor lighting; direct sunlight; with flash on)

Pretty isn't it?
I really love the pattern and the color of these lenses.
They look like a diamond. Cool enough but not too much.
And the color is vivid enough for everyone to see but i love it. It doesn't look too fake or alien-ish at all.
I have to say i love it so much. And they're so comfortable ! I wore it for 12hours a few days ago and didn't have to wear any eye solution at all. Only it got a bit uncomfortable after 10 hours, but still bearable.
As for the enlargement, as you can see, they have a good enlargement effect. They give me a dolly eye look but not too much. Super love it!

If you're interested to buy it, go visit Geo Lens page now.
They have page on facebook and also a multiply.
You can also add Geo Lens bbm too for a faster service,  27E3D19B
Happy shopping!
And... last but not least, my cam-whore pics using these gorgeous lenses.
with flash
no flash

Products used:
MUFE HD Primer
Chanel Mat Lumiere
VOV Eyebrow pencil
Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eye Mascara
Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto
SEPHORA Medium Shopping Bag Palette 
Eyeko Cream
Lunasol Nuance Change Foundation B
Tarte Lipsurgence
NYX Round lipgloss Whipped

Til next post ladies :)



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