New Hair


Hi hi!
Sorry for my MIA these 2 weeks.
Busy with life and got really sick that my weight dropped to 40kgs,
a super great news but at the same time scared me, because i looked like a living ghost,
pale, weak and thin.
Even my grandma was really worried when she saw me.
But i'm ok now. Healthy and happy. I gained my weight back (sigh? lol)

I cut my hair last week, hubby asked me to.
Actually i was really sad when he told me to cut my hair. Because i really wanted a long hair.
It took me a whole year to had the previous length, yet it was still far to be called "a long hair".
But i love my hubby more than i love my hair, and as always, i wanted to make him happy.
So, here's my new short bob hair.
Meant to dye it gray, like Bingbang's TOP current hair, but it took long time to reach the gray i wanted,
so i postponed it until my next visit to Surabaya.

What do you think?
I thought i would hate it, but no, i think it looks great.
I look younger and fresh.
I think short hair suits me better, just like what my hubby said.

I'll post an outfit post tonight.
Don't forget to visit my blog later :D




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