Blue Polka Dot

So, new hair. I was about to dye it pink actually, but i was too afraid that my parents in law would faint when they see my hair. So i canceled it :p
But honestly, i really really really want pink hair. I think it'd look cute on my short bob hair.
Maybe later.

The cute blue polka dots blouse was given by Myclo House.
I bought lots of polka dots print thingy since i saw Marc Jacob f/w 2011 runway.
I fell in love to the collections and to the cute pattern and started to buy any cute polka dot prints when i shop.
This blouse was a perfect gift they could give me. Thank you Myclo House.
I love the fabric, it's so light. And also the color.
It was my first time, i think, wearing such cute and light color. I never had baby blue outfit on my wardrobe.
I was hesitated at first, i couldn't picture myself in such cute color.
But after i tried this on, i kinda liked it. I think i look younger and... fresh, maybe?
Do check out their collections on facebook.

Anyway, for you who loves online shopping (who doesn't? hehe)
visit Suddenly Pink !
The online boutique that features ONLY carefully-edited selection from your favorite fashion designers. They host brands as seen on celebrities and hand picked vintage items.
They're having a big sale now. And the good news is
you can get more discount, 10% discount to be exact,
by mentioning BEBETHEPETITE until the end of month.
Plus free shipping if you live in Java and Bali :)
So, be sure to visit them.

So that's it for now.
I'm so tired, i think i'm going to sleep now.
Good night and see ya.



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